Is the cannabinoid compound agonist treatment a safe approach to reduce the use of illegal cannabis in patients? Especially if it is in combination with psychosocial aid, can it be a better choice for people who have cannabis dependence?

Using cannabinoid agonist substances is apparent to be positive addition in treating patients that are dependent on cannabis.

A study has caused a difference of opinions among some medical experts. It analyzed the treatment of cannabis addiction with nabiximol. It is a medicated spray that is derived from cannabis and contains a fixed ratio of THC and CBD. The study appears in JAMA Internal Medicine.

In the study, scientists studied the habits of 128 participants who consumed cannabis for three months. The control group had to consume the oral spray and then had to record the amount of cannabis they consumed. This study was a double-blind study in which the scientists could also not differentiate between the real and the placebo spray.

Half of the group took a placebo, and the other half took the nabiximol spray. The spray contained a dose of 80 mg of CBD and 86.4 mg of the psychoactive compound, THC.

What were the results of the study?

The studied showed an association between the use of nabiximol spray and decline in cannabis intake among cannabis dependents. People using the placebo spray had higher intakes of cannabis than the people who consumed nabiximol spray.

This concluded to the point that the pharmaceutical spray was a safe treatment for people having cannabis dependency.

Views of the medical community about the spray

Medical experts are dubious of the fact that nabiximol spray has any potential to treat cannabis dependence than any cannabis oil. The cost of the pharmaceutical spray to treat the condition is very high, and it might not even be as efficient as it seems to be. Some medical experts suggest to better rely on the natural plant or the cannabis oil instead of getting this spray.

This study holds the same phenomenon as nicotine holds when it comes to reducing smoke habit in addicted individuals. It points to the fact that it is some type of replacement therapy in which the individual is getting the same product to counteract the addiction.

Treating cannabis addiction with any type of derivative of cannabis is a safe and efficient manner to alleviate the addiction. Whether you are employing a pharmaceutical drug or a going for cannabis oil, the real solution might be cannabis itself.

What does the study demonstrate?

The study suggests that cannabinoid agonist treatment through nabiximol might be helpful. It can be especially improved in combination with many interventions of the psychosocial paradigm. It can be a safe approach to alleviate cannabis use among people who want to seek treatment for cannabis dependence.

At the current stage, there are no effective medicinal drugs for alleviating the cannabis dependence among individuals. There is a need for more extensive research to find innovative answers to tackle with the problem of cannabis addiction among people.

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