CBD is showing promise for treatment of patients with psychotic disorders and is of particular interest in its ability to prevent further psychotic-like symptoms brought on through high cannabis use and the negative effects THC can have on patients with psychosis. [1] A study of the antipsychotic effects of CBD has suggested that the cannabinoid has a similar pharmacological profile to some antipsychotic drugs with the ability to treat schizophrenia while displaying a superior safety profile with little side-effects. [1]

CBD also shows potential for treatment of psychotic behavior in patients who do not respond to other forms of antipsychotic medication due to normal dopamine functions. [2] The effects of CBD are not exclusively dependent on the blockage of dopamine in brain receptors and thus the cannabinoid exhibits strong potential with patients who do not respond to other antipsychotic medications effectively. [3]

Another area where CBD shows the potential for benefits in relation to psychosis is with individuals who are at a high risk for developing the condition. Without a definite diagnosis, many people are resistant or unwilling to consume antipsychotic medication even when suggested by a medical professional. This is due to concern over potential side effects and other societal concerns over using such medicine. CBD offers an alternative treatment without these concerns. CBD possesses little potential for side effects and its anti-anxiety and anti-psychotic effects make it an excellent alternative option for those who display these slight symptoms of psychosis without being fulling diagnosed with the condition. [1]


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